The Knowledge

The Knowledge

The Origin Story of The War of Art

By: Steven Pressfield
Special French Flap Edition Only Available from Black Irish Books

"... Steve Pressfield's new book is put together like a Swiss watch. Every single word, every scene... it's a master class in what it means to get out of your own way and write a book that works. I am walking around the house, unable to put it down."

—Seth Godin

If you're a fan of The War of Art, Pressfield's novel, The Knowledge, is the story behind that story and the origin tale between its lines.

The Knowledge is not just a writer's coming-of-age story. It's every writer's coming-of-age story.

The Knowledge is about my real-life All Is Lost moment. It came in New York City on a certain date and at a certain hour that remain tattooed on my brain. That moment changed my life forever. I made the decision that took me from being an amateur to becoming a pro—and that set me on the course as a writer that I'm still following today.

“The term ‘the Knowledge’ comes from the civic exam—sometimes called ‘the hardest in the world’—that all London cab drivers must pass before being certified to drive. Each applicant must master the maze of 20,000 avenues, streets, lanes and alleys in the ancient capital and be able to ‘call a run’ from any Starting Point X to any Destination Y prescribed by the Examiner.”

—Steven Pressfield