An American Jew

An American Jew

A Writer Confronts his own Exile and Identity

By: Steven Pressfield

"Deeply personal and profoundly moving...An American Jew has filled me with the love and pride for my brothers and sisters, the Children of Israel." 

—Randall Wallace, author of Braveheart and director of Heaven is for Real

Steven Pressfield grew up assuming he was like every other kid in his red-white-and-blue, Sunday-School attending, Christmas-tree decorating suburb. Then at age thirteen he found out he was in fact not a member of that tribe, but of a very different one.

Five decades later, in November 2011, Pressfield boarded an El Al jet bound for Israel. At long last, he'd committed to researching and writing The Lion's Gate, a book that would finally wrestle with the riddle of his own identity. What he learned as an artist and a man in the three years it took to complete the work is the subject of An American Jew, an on-the-front-lines account of the creative all its wonderfully confounding forms.