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Hi, it’s Steve. Thank you for clicking a link and signing up on this page.

I want to just try something that I haven’t done before here and I hope you guys will bear with me. What I want to tell you about briefly here is, I have a new, long form project that’s about the writing of a first novel; what takes a project from being unpublishable to being publishable. It’s too long to be on the blog, so I’m going to give it with a bunch of other goodies. The way it’s going to work is it’s going to be a roll-out in 3 stages. The first thing is going to be a video from me, about a 10 minute video about a thing that I have; a trick, a technique that helped me more than anything I’ve ever used. I call it the Foolscap Method. That will be followed by another long video from me with other things; excerpts from this new piece and other couple of goodies.

So thanks for joining, please put your email in on this page and I’ll see you again in your inbox in about 10 seconds.