Ask Me Anything 2

Thanks again to everyone who sent in their questions for The Authentic Swing.

Here are the questions for this episode:

Q1 [00:25]: Jim Woods, Roberto Meardi: How would you apply the foolscap method to nonfiction or a business? Can you give examples please? Thanks so much!

Q2 [06:56]: Petra Miersch: Do you always know exactly how the story will end? What do you do when you do not know the end?

Q3 [13:16]: Adrienne Press: What's the biggest mistake you see unpublished writer's making?

Q4 [18:05]: Jason Kraus: What is the most challenging part of dealing with the publishing industry (besides actually getting published)?

Q5 [24:44]: Jason K: Twenty years ago, if you had access to the current generation of self-publishing options, how would you have used them?