Download E-mail

     1. On your computer, open the e-mail that says “Download for Order #####"


     2. Click the Fetchapp link 

     3. From the Downloads page, click the "Audiobook" button to begin downloading. You can double-click on the downloaded zip archived file to open it and extract files. The zip file contains individual mp3s for all the chapters.

     4.  To open the chapter files directly with QuickTime or your preferred program, right-click the chapter files, select Open with, and select your preferred program.



Computer - iTunes

  • Follow Steps 1-3 Above to download your files
  • Open iTunes and create a New Playlist by going to File > New Playlist

  • Rename your playlist to the book title

  • Drag and drop the opened files from your Downloads to iTunes



iPhone/iPad - iTunes

  • Connect your device to your computer with a USB

  • Open iTunes and locate your device on the lefthand sidebar

  • Drag and Drop your downloaded files (See Steps 1-3) into your device's iTunes Library